Innovative Drilling offers a wide range of drilling services.

As a multi-discipline drilling company, we continually deliver creative solutions to increase efficiency and accuracy in all our drilling projects.

Large wooden retaining wall shoring a steep hillside


The process of temporarily supporting a building, vessel, structure or trench with shores when in danger of collapse or during repairs or alterations.

Drilling machinery on construction site

Pile Drilling

The process of driving piles into soil to provide foundation support for buildings or other structures.

Drilling machinery in warehouse

Micro Piling

Small diameter drilled and grouted friction piles. Each pile includes steel elements that are bonded into the bearing soil or rock, usually with cement grout.

Machinery drilling into side of rock cliff

Rock and Soil Anchors

Available in many versions such as an anchor head for transferring tensile force to a construction, a tendon which leads the tensile force into the ground and an anchoring body that transfers tensile force to the ground.

Two men securing rock in construction hole

Rock Scaling and Slope Stabilization

The removal of loose rock from slopes. Scaling can be an individual slope stabilization measure but is often performed as an initial process in a slope stabilization project, as rock scaling alone is considered a temporary solution.

Pressure Grouting

Direct injection of grout to fill the space in between soil particles. The process involves placing hollow pipes three to five feet apart in the soil until hard dirt is reached, at which point the grout, a rock-less concrete, is forced through the pipes.

Underwater Blasting

Occurs when explosives are necessary to dredge rock. This is used to fragment the rock so it can subsequently be dredged and removed.

Controlled Demolition

A demolition of a building or structure by means of explosives. Explosives on the lower floors then initiate a controlled collapse and the building fails under its own weight, succumbing to gravity.